Worship at Spirit of Hope:  Bringing tradition into the 21st century


Most Christians have followed the same basic worship pattern since the days of the first century church—gathering to sing songs and hymns to Jesus, hearing the Word of God, sharing the Lord’s Supper (sometimes called Communion or the Eucharist), then being sent back into the world to share the good news.  We’ve taken that pattern, filled it with new songs (and old songs sung in an upbeat, contemporary style), and made it simple and easy to follow. 
We gather around 11 on Sunday morning (or as soon after that as we're ready), and spend some time greeting each other.  After a time of singing together, children from 3 years of age thru 6th grade will be excused for age-appropriate activities focused on learning basic Bible stories.  Older youth and adults will hear an inspiring, biblical message about God’s love and grace.  We love Jesus and we love reading the Bible, because the Bible helps us know Jesus and know about what he has done for us.  The promises of God are true.  They not only provide us hope for the future, they can change our lives today!
We usually share the Lord’s Supper together as part of worship.  Everyone is welcome to come to the altar, to receive Jesus Christ present in the bread and the wine (grape juice is also available).  You don’t have to pass a theology exam to participate.  We don’t receive the Lord’s Supper because we earned it.  We receive the Lord’s Supper as Jesus’ gift to us.
We’ll close our time together with another inspiring song, sending us back into our daily lives to share Jesus with our friends and neighbours.  Worship will be over around 12:00, but you’re invited to hang around afterwards and get to know your new friends here at Spirit of Hope.
We invite God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to join us in worship, and expect Him to show up.  We hope you’ll join us too, and experience the presence of Jesus, the peace, and the power, that comes when we are open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives.